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Roosevelt Island

Aspect: Lots and lots and LOTS of Ghosts.
NPC, Lucy Tate, Necromancer Nun.

Roosevelt Island is considered a bedroom community these days. Most non-supernaturals living on the island are blissfully unaware (almost as if they were in some sort of stupor when confronted with the supernatural) of the packs of ghosts that wander the island, echoing the suffering they went through before they died.

The Island has quite a dark history. It was at various points in it's history inhabited by a prison notorious for abuse, a insane asylum, a smallpox hospital. The ominous Octagon Tower was built in 1839, and was the central point for many supernatural dark doings. In the "real world" it's a recently renovated landmark. You can read some of it's history here

In the Dresdenverse, it's slightly more crumbling, and serves as the Necromantic laboratory to the NPC Lucy Tate. It's inhabited by a high concentration of ghosts. Many inmates in the institution died suffering, in great anguish, and left tortured spirits behind. Lucy Tate, being a fairly old necromancer, has been harnessing spirits here for some time. She is currently unknown to the White Council, as she's not actively moving to do anything as momentous as the disciples of Kemler were with the Darkhallow ritual. Her goals are to keep death at bay at any cost, to acquire power over the dead, and to maintain her power base on the island uncontested.

Fortunately for Lucy, the ghosts and specters of the island make it an incredible hazard for anyone displaying a spark of the supernatural. Roosevelt Island is a known hazard among the supernatural community, but the dangers of displaying one's talent's there can make for an effective trap for the unwise, or a neutral ground for those who's magical nature is able to be masked or shut down.

Here's a link to a map of the island - http://nyc10044.com/wire/2722/map2722.pdf

The Octagon Tower is on the north. The crumbling ruin of the Smallpox hospital is on the south. The smallpox hospital has quite a few ghosts as well, and is not under Lucy's control. Think of the ghosts there as "wild" ghosts. They resist efforts to control thm

A link to the wikipedia article also notes that Roosevelt Island has an Automated Vacuum Collection System for garbage disposal.

The Automated Vacuum Collection (AVAC) system, also called "pneumatic refuse collection", transports waste at high speeds through underground tunnels to a building where it is compacted, sealed in containers and then carted away.

Several such systems exist in the world, particularly in the most modern countries of Scandinavia and Asia. In the U.S.A. only Disney World and Roosevelt Island utilize this technology.

I'm not sure how that fits into a game, but the idea of pneumatic high speed garbage tunnels is pretty awesome.

Roosevelt Island is crossed by the Queensboro Bridge, and has it's own bridge, the Roosevelt Island Bridge. Both of these bridges are "East River Bridges"

It's also quite close to the UN.


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