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Strivers' Row / Calloways

Aspect: Wellspring of Creativity

NPC Evan Calloway

Strivers' Row was established in the late 1890's as a place for upper middle class whites to settle in Harlem. The original developer had trouble selling the houses due in part to the influx of black workers into Harlem. For some time, they sat empty because banks were unwilling to sell to black buyers. Eventually they were made available, and many of Harlem's more wealthy black families known as "Strivers" moved in.

As Harlem culture was always strong in art an creativity, many upper middle class black residents of the area were musicians, artists and writers.

Supernatural influence in the area is subtle, but important. The Summer Court has ties to the area, as the rebirth of creativity and growth after a metaphorical winter of discrimination resonates with some members of that court. Queen Titania's favorites are not as represented, but the more progressive wing of the court is well represented in Strivers' Row. With the energy of the Summer Court in the background, creativity and growth seems to be easier in Strivers' Row.

One of the main focal points for this energy is Calloway's, a well established jazz club, run by Evan Calloway, grandson of the great Cab Calloway. Supernatural denizens of New York are sometimes aware of this effect, and will show up to work on projects or problems. The club is dark, and has many secluded alcoves that make for nice unobservable spots to have private conversations. The food is superb, and the music is better.

Evan Calloway is a mortal, and is aware of the supernatural. He's proud of his club, and his ancestry, and often takes the stage leading a tribute band to his grandfather's old orchestra. His friends in the Summer Court keep the peace in his club, and he has the title of "Bard of the Summer Court" which is similar to the Esquire title Harry was granted in Proven Guilty, only it was granted for artistic prowess, and not might in battle.


The Dresden Files Role Playing Game: New York City

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