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New York City

Here is what you guys came up with last night.  I left a lot of simple, since you are going to be writing up the backgrounds for each area.  


more info...

Hey guys,


I just got some more files for the game.  I will be sending them to you soon.  They are:


Character templates-some suggested types of character.

Character creation-self explanitory

Aspects-how they work, examples of uses and such. 


Stunts-things we do VERY well.

Supernatural stunts-things that creatures (and some other characters) do that are supernaturally influenced. 


Still do not have the section for magic (should be coming really soon).  So when we get together the first characters we will make will not be magical.  We will make more later once I get the rest of the information. 


So now we need to come up with a time to try to start this.  It doens't have to be like tomorow, since I want everyone to read the material and take notes on what they liked/disliked about the process. 


More soon.




Some examples

Here is a link to one of the previous bleeding alpha testers.  He did a good job with creating a city and then with his characters.  I thought you guys may want to see some actual characters that were made.



What is done so far...

So, here is what you guys have come up with so far.


1.  The city that never sleeps
2.  Cultural enclaves
3.  Layers of history

1.  Central Park
2.  Chinatown
3.  Coney Island
4.  East River bridges
5.  East Village
6.  Long Island City
7.  Neutral Ground (which will in fact be Neutral Ground)
8.  Roosevelt Island
9.  Stryer Row (harlem)
10.  The United Nations

This will also be posted on my own journal, but will be cut so it doesn't annoy.  :) 

Greetings and salutations!

Hello all,

I just want to thank all of you for making it out tonight.  It was a lot of fun and we should have a good time making the rest of the city.

I will post what I have done probably tomorrow.