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Aspect 1. Insular.
Aspect 2. Exotic Market

(Stacy's writeup NPC’s. Daji. The Fox Queen. Thousands of years ago Daji was commanded to destroy the Chinese dynasty at the time. She carried out her mission, but unfortunately did such a good job that she was brought to give an accounting. She was then executed. She wants nothing more than revenge! )

Chinatown in New York started as an exodus from discrimination against transcontinental railroad workers who tried to settle in America. The neighborhood was originally mostly bachelor men, cut off from traditional society. At one point, the ratio was about 100 Chinese women to 7,000 Chinese men.

It was these conditions that produced the desperation that summoned and sustained the spirit Daji, the fox queen.

The insular nature of Chinatown makes it possible for Daji to directly influence many mortals and to collect no small number of supernatural servitors, both Chinese and otherwise with hardly anyone suspecting until they're under her influence.

A significant number of Chinatown know of Daji and her servitors. She controls bankers, merchants, criminals and politicians, using them to expand her web of control, all with the goal of revenge on the Chinese Gods associated with her downfall. These long range goals may put people in new york in her way, she may see them as means to an end, they may end up fighting for or against Daji's enemies. Some are good, some are evil. Daji is more of a force of nature than defined by good or evil. As an entity, she's not possessed of the raw power of someone like Mab, but her seductive abilities make the white court look ugly, and she has many powerful people and supernatural creatures at her beck and call. Her personal and financial resources in the mortal world are even with Johnny Marcone.

Chinatown's insularity can affect people's dealings with residents. If they're part of the community, they can get answers, but are expected not to share secrets. If they're not part of the community, no one will talk to them.

As an exotic market, many strange items can be found in Chinatown. Wizard supplies, strange artifacts, herbs, poisons, exotic fruit, live animals and other goods. Services too - from an alchemist, a Chi-healer, a martial arts assassin to more mundane, yet exotic services like prostitution, and acupuncture.


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Aug. 30th, 2008 11:37 pm (UTC)
Very nice write up. :)
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